Shake, Rattle and Hum - techniques for quieting...stuff

I have a pretty cluttered music room and have spent considerable effort to elimiate rattles and noise from objects in the room. Every album frame on the wall has 4-8 felt pads behind it to stop them all from rattling, etc.

Recently, I put up a strip of track lights over the turntable, and…plug in bass, hit a note - RATTLE SHAKE HUMMMM!
Two issues - the track vibrating on the ceiling, and the track lights vibrating in the track.

Anyone know of any common tricks to deaden the rattling of the track light to the ceiling?
Yes it is on there tight (maybe I need more screws?).
I am worried any type of rubber or felt or strip I put in between is just going to get ratcheted down so tight that it will still make the track lights make noise.

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Maybe work on the other acoustics in the room to reduce strong and dead spots? Even opening windows and doors can help. Break up right angles, etc

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I had similar issue with the rattling with the light tracks, I used the foam. I cut and inserted a strip of foam on the rail it stopped. I’m sure it still rattled but the foam just deadened the contact I can’t hear it.

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What type of foam did you use?


I was about to make a joke when I learned that Tone Foam™ is an actual Yamaha product

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I used the spongy foam that house the EMG pickup the one in the box. It’s very airy and spongy it did the job.

Oh man.
I did a recording session in a state of the art, super fancy audio booth at Facebook HQ one time. I was playing my upright through a B-15.
There was some damn thing in the ceiling rattling.
The producer and engineer didn’t get it through the mics, but it was bugging the shit out of me.

I have so many things that rattle in my room.
I sympathize with this problem, but the steps to neutralize rattling are not realistic for me. I wish you the best of luck!

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Well, upon closer inspection - its not the vibration between the ceiling and the tack after all.
It is the vibration of the conductors (metal rods) inside the tracks. They are gripped by the track lights themselves but are basically allowed to wobble on the ends.

Looks like a job for Sugru.

The Dark Lord of Eternal Torment?

But I couldn’t summon him so I’ll use this instead…

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