Shaky Strap Button?


So, I noticed just recently that the strap button on the neck side of my bass is a little shaky, and since I never really paid attention to it, I don’t know if that’s the way it should be. ^^"
The strap button on the body side isn’t shaky, so it’s more probably not right.
It wouldn’t be any problem to to screw it down again, I think I can just use a normal screwdriver for it.

Thanks for all your answers already! ^^"

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Yes, just tighten the screws so they’re snug . . . :slight_smile:

If a screw becomes stripped, you can pull it out, insert a short piece of toothpick into the hole with a drop of glue, and reassemble it all.

Cheers, Joe


Thanks a bunch!
Okay then, nothing to be worried about. ^^"

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