Shameless Plug

So finally we’ve been able to get a gig and it’s for a great cause. My guitarist’s friend from many years ago had a fight with cancer and thought he had it beat, but it came back.

And we’re finally hitting the street running with our new band.

If your in the Houston area, please come and check us out.

On Facebook, we’re @megasonicband

Here’s our flyer to everybody:

Finally, the flyer for the benefit:

And if you’re in the neighborhood on Saturday, come see us… 12 pm to 2 pm


As a cancer survivor myself, you know I’d be all over that if I was in Houston. Best wishes for your friend, and best wishes to your band for a successful fundraiser.


Hey @numberman2000,
I hope its a great event and you raise heaps,
Looking forward to seeing a link to the show down the track,
Cheers Brian


Howdy @numberman2000 - I am thinking of getting out on my Harley on Saturday if plans go right. If I do, I will come by. Baytown would be a nice ride taking the long way from my side of town (Tomball).

PS - Glad to now know I am not the only BassBuzz’er in the Houston area. :wink:


Thank you! We’re trying to get as many folks as we can.

I will post video! :grinning:


That’d be fantastic - and like you said, glad to know I’m not the only one in the Houston area as well. :slightly_smiling_face:


So - following on…

First, it was a great day for Ryan - so many people showed-up it surprised the organizers and Ryan too. There was a lot of love at that place for that man.

For the gig, it was an interesting day :slightly_smiling_face:

We all got there at 10:30 (scheduled noon start), but through a miscommunication, the sound guy didn’t get there until about 11:45. Cue shortest sound check ever - but he was really cool and we had done our work. We were even able to get the tracks from the Xair18 that they had into Reaper. Like I said, a really cool sound guy.

Then, 5 minutes or so before we started, we were informed that we’d only have an hour…so…cut the set roughly in half…if you look at the set list, you’ll see tick-marks by what we decided to do.

It was hot (literally and metaphorically). We all had a great time and this was a great first outing for us…

Set list now…pics to follow…


Some pics…