"Share some good music" Friday

Attractiveness has been a thing since we were primates, before even evolving into humans :slight_smile:

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Not the song I was planning, but Babymetal’s anthem on their battle for acceptance in a male dominated music business.

Their first trip overseas, a photographer asked them to do a high kick so they would flash their panties. They were 15 and 16. So they made a song

Resistance! Resistance!

Stand up and shout,
Justice forever.

If you believe in your way,
Go on, the answer is here

Forever! Forever!

In the depths of our hearts
The metal spirit burns

Our Resistance

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Since long before, but MTV sure helped.
I remember just before Madonna was Madonna she was slutting around NYC and the story was she was sleeping her way into the music biz, then everyone said she was sexing her way to the top and her music stunk, all image no soul.
Now she is an worldwide icon.
You can’t write an artist’s course until its over, nor can you dismiss someone trying to express art in the way they want. You can say you don’t like her, I don’t like her music much, but I like her schtick a lot, for the sole reason of she is doing what she wants the way she wants to.

Great album @Wombat-metal ,
I have a couple of live DVD,s of Ted and the band,
Awesome to watch👍
Cheers Brian

Emerson, Lake, and Palmer burned out touring and took a hiatus. Afer a year and a half they got back into the studio to work, Keith started a classical piece, Greg added in a shuffle bass line, and Carl came in on the drums. Luckily the engineer had the presence of mind to start a two track recorder and that’s what ended up on the album. They added the intro after I’m pretty sure.

Just 3 musicians jammming

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I just heard Robby Steinhardt passed away over the weekend, violinist for Kansas. So sad, great band if you like prog.

Some more Dee Gees music - covering Tragedy by the Bee Gees

Kansas was a great band, Robbie was a great violinist and vocalist.
I love there live dvd @Wombat-metal ,
Thanks for sharing,
Cheers Brian

It’s not Friday, but who cares!

Frank Itt has got it!


I hate how easy he makes it look. I guess that’s what 45 years gets you.


50 years ago this date, Master of Reality was released


Great album @Wombat-metal ,
After forever and into the void are my favourites on this album,
Makes me feel old😬
Cheers Brian


Literally every generation loves Sabbath.


I don’t like the new Maiden record so now I will get stoned.
Not stoned circa the 70s.
Circa the bible times, tied to a tree taking flying rocks to the head…
because I don’t like the new Maiden record.


Promise that it’s different.

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At a festival, in an ampitheater, with no audience. I can’t wait for concerts to come back

Haraguchi-san on her red Sadowsky 5 string.

My show and tell Friday…
Where’s Your Head At, by Basement Jaxx:

Actually a very easy base line.