"Share some good music" Friday

So much for just playing Root, 5th, Octave :joy: :joy: :joy:

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OMG :scream: :joy:

Prince does a bass solo. Ain’t nothing like a purple party.

That is one wild bass he has


I love how Lemmy looks like a nice guy even when he is shooting you the bird

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There’s an answer to that @howard :joy:

Any excuse to play some Motörhead


Kind of a troll post, because it is not even friday, this song doesn’t even have a bass player in it and the rythm that starts at around the 4 minute mark will annoy the hell out of most of you:
Nine Inch Nails - The Background World

I love it! :smiley:

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That’s trolling even for Trent. Love it :slight_smile:

The Tomboys

This guy’s covers ( ? ) are pretty sweet :metal:

He was so, so good.

For @gcancella today, seems apropot

Harry doesn’t mind if he makes the scene,
He’s got a daytime job doing allright
He can play the honky tonk like anything,
Saving it for Friday night.

We are the Sultans of Swing


haha! very fitting

(Sigh) I love that song. Years ago I played backup guitar for a singer/songwriter. Mostly I hauled equipment and was the large-ish gentleman who ensured we got paid. My reward was that I got to do Sultans of Swing and Romeo & Juliet. Mark Knopfler and I have exactly the same lack of vocal range :sunglasses:

ETA: I got to see Mark a couple of years ago in Durham, NC. Front row seats. He did Sultans! I had been waiting for that moment since the first time I heard the song in 1978.


A short set of Fleetwood Mac. They were great live in those years

They sure were…in the actual early years…


I wasn’t going to concerts in those years. ha

But when I saw them I think in 78 Bob Welch, ex of Fleetwood Mac, was the opening act. Fleetwood Mac played a 3 hour show and only ended because it was midnight and they had to stop.

Some Bob Welch and Stevie

Toss this in here for fun. That tall fish dude is Mick Fleetwood

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Saw Stevie live about 4-5 years ago and when she sang she was good but man she can talk……… and talk……… and talk.
Luckily the support act saved the day.

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I saw the Pretenders back in the 80s a few times, but this one time Chrissie had broken her leg the day before and did the concert in a walking cast. The Pretenders cancelled the rest of their shows the day after, but she is one tough lady.

The opening act was SImple Minds. Oh the 80s

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