"Share some good music" Friday

Everything Leo does is gold. His rendition of Africa is killer. Also the only version of “Let it go” that I can stand to listen to.

More new music


The Omnific - new album just out


Yeah I’m not quite sure how to classify that one.

A little late 70s cheese, but a fun song with a damn good bass line


Al still looking and sounding like Al :slight_smile:

Wonder who the new bassist is. Doesn’t look like Paul Barker.

Edit: Paul D’Amour, apparently - joined in 2019.

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Beat me to it lol. Ex-Tool bass player :+1:

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Have a great Friday!

Vocalist is amazing

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Jinjer are a fabulous band @EddieJones

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Brand new song and video from a great band… Fury. Fun Halloween themed song too!

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One of my favorite bass lines to play:

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One of the best out today. Tatiana’s vocals are awesome. Sing like an angel, growl like a demon

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