"Share some good music" Friday

I always listen to a new @terb recommendation.
Where do you discover these bands again?
I think it was a YouTube channel? So many bands out there.
Good stuff here.
Some cool Russian Circles style riffs in there.


thanks @Gio, I’m flattered :smiling_face:

There are a few interesting Youtube channels for this kind of music :

And for post-rock : WherePostRockDwells - YouTube

Also I use a lot the Youtube suggestions, which lead not always on those channels. Not always good but I discovered really amazing bands thanks to those suggestions.

Sometimes I use the Bandcamp suggestions too, but strangely (especially considering how many albums I buy on Bandcamp ; they should know what I like), I find there are often less relevant.


As if she isn’t cool enough as it were, which is very cool, here is Ann Wilson on bass


I want to say thanks too because I have found a lot of good stuff from you, and this topic in general :rofl:

for example:

When you recommended this to me years back it became one of my staples and has resulted in probably a third of my music buys since then.


wow, amazing, @howard ! well I’m glad I can help my friends discover nice music :grin:



Absolutely love that channel :relaxed:

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Well this is cooooooooool!

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The original version of this song by the original band with killer bass line!