Share Your Favorite Bass Lines!


Thank you! I do like that! To me, that’s the way a bass should sound.


One more from Carl Radle. From the same Clapton album. I especially like where he changes it up at about 2:54.



I love it when people bring to my attention the great bass work that, until now, was buried behind whatever superstar/big name was on the album title. Thanks!


I really like the way he plays. It is melodic while it drives the song!


Wow, love that playing! It’s cool to me how busy and melodic bass playing can be in that style.


Anything from Chris Squire.


From the time machine. Dale Peters from The James Gang album “James Gang Rides Again”. I’m posting a cover because I couldn’t find a good video of the group. And, besides, the cover focuses on the bass – and what else matters?


I’ve have around 20 songs that I am working on since I joined the blues band as bass player.

ZZ Top’s Jesus Just Left Chicago and Joe Bonnamassa’s Drive are just two of my favorites.


That ZZ Top Groove. Dannnnnng. That’s a harder bass line to play than all that weedly weedly weedly stuff. I love it.
That’s going to be my new bass practice every morning. Thanks for the share!


Here is another one Gio. Check this out:

Just figured out the bass arpeggios for THE WORLD I KNOW by Collective Soul. Cool song.


The ZZ Top - Jesus Just Left Chicago - has a cool turnaround too.


And - in the live version - Michael Brecker as well!! Awesome stuff!


Lots of good stuff here… Has anyone mentioned the iconic chordal motive from Stanley Clarke’s “School Days” yet??


Oh yeah, I love that one!


I don’t think so! So good. :slight_smile:


Best part of this jam - post-solos, when the guitar comes in and doubles the bass, and the drums go to 1/4s on the china!!! 100% Proto-Toast-Machine


Barry Adamson of Magazine playing “Model Worker” on a giant slab of a bass - an Ovation Magnum!


That singer looks a little like Ned Schneibly from School of Rock… :slight_smile:


Since that instructor had introduced this song with me, so I want to share this in here. The rhythm is simple but I guess it is a point to follow. I guess I can start practicing some more rhythmic song in this joining and I also hope I can get more musical senses in here.


Today, I am lucky to see this in YouTube.And this video is telling there is a bass groove and a drum groove.