Share Your Favorite Bass Lines!


Yeah that bass tone is dooooope. Rounder than a circle.

@pukkita, I love Blur! The bass playing on Modern Life is Rubbish is so killer, really great nasty pick tone.


@JoshFossgreen I love 'em too!

Now I’m realizing all my most loved songs/bands have something in common: great bass :smile:

Noticed too Alex James played this song differently live, packing in more notes, I prefer the simpler (but groovier IMHO) studio version!


Hi everyone,
I’ve been playing since July (thanks for the awesome lessons @JoshFossgreen ) and off learning new songs now. I must say, I’ve really enjoyed Sting (was fun playing Roxanne) and I’ve followed through. I’m playing “Walking on the Moon” right now (I know it’s The Police, but hey - Sting was the Police) and it’s fun as hell! super groovy bass line with some fast playing throughout the chorus sections. after listening closely, you will find that Sting plays the first chorus differently than the subsequent ones and is syncopated big time. The remaining chorus sections (2 more times) are different than the first pass through but appear to be the same with respect to each other. All in all, a great song to play along with, not too long, killer bass line, fun to sing along, and overall kickass.


You’re very welcome @darryl_jenkins!

Walking on the Moon is a great bass line!

I’ve noted that to maybe use in future lessons, it’s a nice satisfying riff to practice some eighth note syncopation on.


Fell in love with Led Zeppelin’s What Is and What Should Never Be


Yes, that’s such a great JPJ line!


I know i’m kinda late to the party - I just joined- but I had chime in! Without a doubt, Joy Division’s Transmission. It’s so simplistic! But it gets me every time. I’m gonna play that song… flawless. Some day!


It’s always the right time to join a favorite songs party! Cool tune! Sweet bass tone, so nasty and nasal.


Technique tip! Every time you play a note, lift the fretting finger after sounding then repeat for each note. So you push down onto the fretboard for each note. Use a pick! Tone full on! Hit those strings hard! Hooky himself told me after I asked him! This isn’t that easy even though the notes are. I should add I was watching this show when it aired, bought the single next day! Made a huge impression on me.


Cake, Sheeps Go To Heaven

Love Cake production, bass line is crystal clear and right where it should be in the mix!

Definitely it deserves it, cool, bouncy and tight!


I really enjoy The Red Hot Chili Peppers song Ready Made . I havent tried it yet but just really seems like it would be fun:).


Yessss! Cake production is so great. Such intricate arrangement for the genre, but everything is always so clearly carved out in the mix.


I have a new favorite:

of on of my favorite bassplayers.
David J Haskins from Bauhaus. I believe he played oktaves almost the whole song. In the beginning the two strings together, and then alternating (or am I wrong?)
It gives the song a very dark ambiance.
It came to my mind when Josh made a Lesson aboout octaves in module 12 Lesson 1.
This line would be a great addition in the next songbook :wink:


Something like that! The alternating pattern isn’t exactly root-octave-root-octave but it’s some combination of those things.


I think The Stranglers definitely deserve a mention- and this has to be one of the best covers of all time. By the way one of the best things about the course has been my exposure to new sounds/ musical experiences- thanks Josh!


Good to hear Adrian! I’m enjoying learning about new music from people on the forum! Love this Stranglers cover!


Old English guy definitely chuffed that Stranglers, Bauhaus et al are making an impression on new bassists. Some things are good forever!


That bass tone!!!
This rules.


Many great bass lines listed on this thread. Orion from Metallica have been an early discovery for me.

I actually have 2 riffs I really like to play.
Talk Talk - Its my Life

And although it does have a different tuning, I like the whole bass line of that song.
Tool - Parabol/Parabola


I think that’s Carl Radle on the original Clapton version. If you like Layla, you’ll probably also like Carl’s work on After Midnight.