Short Scale Setup

Just got done doing the setup on my Ibanez miKro GSRM-20 Short Scale.
I love this little beauty. As with any new instrument, I did a full setup, cleaning after a quick bit of playing.

There were some issues with this one.

  1. Cheap plastic “chrome” knobs
  2. Pots were not tightened
  3. The relief was epically off
  4. Major chatter on the E string
  5. String height was about 1/2 what it needed to be
  6. Intonation was nowhere close
  7. The pickups were ridiculously high

I considered taking it back to the shop and getting an exchange or a refund. But then figured what the heck, I’m only into it for $150. So, I did a full setup, tightened things down, and changed those cheapo knobs. So, an hours worth of work and $10 for the knobs, plus a wait for the truss adjustment to settle a touch…

I love this little beast. Good grief Ibanez! The tones I can get are excellent!

So, tell me your short scale experiences and any setup tricks you have discovered!


Congratulations on your short scale, I truly hope you love it.

My experience with a short scale was that it threw my muscle memory way off. For example, when I see a Bb on the page I’m instinctively reaching for the 1st fret of the A string, which is almost the full extent of my arm. When I played the short scale, my hand hit the head stock :rofl: . I guess a short scale would be okay for me if that was all I played, but I’d have to retrain my muscle memory.


Ignore my post… seems this topic is different enough since it’s more about short scale than setup per sé.


@PamPurrs It is definitely different. I really like though. However, it won’t replace long scale for the majority of my playing.


How are you finding the string tension? Does it bug you?

Those things are adorable and super short. There’s normal short scale (30"), and then there’s the Mikro (28.5").


The string tension is a bit different. A little more “slack”, especially on the E-string.
I took this into consideration during my setup and raised the bridge height just a tiny bit more than normal. No problems so far.