Should I borrow a bass?

I want to play bass but I don’t got the money right now
so should I borrow a bass?


Sure . . . why not? . . . :slight_smile:

If you can borrow or rent a bass, that would give you a chance to try one out and see if you’d like to pursue it further, @bass_man

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thanks :grinning:


@bass_man If you have the ability to borrow a bass, YES…absolutely you should. Also keep in mind that when funds do come available, there are lots of options for good, used basses and practice amps. Best of luck and let us know when you get your hands on a bass.


Sure if you can, I assume you play another instrument already.

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Do you have a music store near you that has a rental department? If so you can at least try a bass that may appeal to you more and get help finding the right one for you. It would be setup properly too, which makes a big difference when trying out an instrument.

The other bonus to renting is you don’t have to worry about any accidents that may happen to a friend’s bass in your care. Those situations never work out too well as most players treat their instruments like an appendage.


If there is one available to you then definitely!

I was lucky that my housemate’s dad had an old bass and amp lying around that I was able to borrow for a few months, while I decided if I enjoyed it enough to keep learning and look for my own gear. It’ll give you a chance to get a feel for the instrument then when you are able to look for your own, you’ll have something to compare to and can decide what aspects you like more between them.

If you have the opportunity it’s probably the safest way of starting off!

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Anyone named @bass_man is destined to play the bass surely… or fish… 50/50 chance at least. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yes! :stuck_out_tongue: