Shoulder pain

Same here @PamPurrs and @eric.kiser . . . very comfortable :+1:


@eric.kiser @PamPurrs @jazzbass19 I also have the same strap. Lol :joy: Divided by Nations United by Bass straps!
By the way the shoulder pain is mainly due to (Atleast what I think) two issues -

  1. It’s just a lack of being used to playing bass and technique. As you keep playing more and more it starts fading away. Plus finding the right bass strap height where none of your wrists are at extreme angles most of the time really helps the shoulder because then it doesn’t tend to shrug in order to relax the wrists.
  2. It’s really going to help some of you. Many of us don’t have the correct standing posture and end up hurting our low backs. Here’s a quick check list. When you stand up straighten your knees, squeeze your glutes (Ass basically) and get yourself in a thoracic extension (or get your sternum up). 3 steps and your low back is in the right place & You’ve a great posture. I know it’s hard to always maintain it in the flow, but you can aim for it. Hope this helps a little.