Show Us Your Basses (Part 2)

I grew up in London and still have my Wendell Clark jersey, son. It was brutal as a kid being let down by Dougie fresh and Potvin and the boys. Still the worst hockey thing that ever happened to me though was that when I moved down to Arizona they shipped some bum outfit from up North down here and they tried to get me to watch them. I’d rather lose 6 first round matchups in a row. Not gonna lie though, Teemu Selanne was siiiick back in the day.

Yep, moving the Jets to Arizona surely paid off for Gary and the NHL. Bettman will always be hated here because of that. The Selanne trade was the beginning of the end, even though he only played 3 seasons here hes still probably the most loved Jets. Him or Hawerchuk.

I always liked Wendel, that guy could play. Its just to bad over half the laffs salary cap is spent on 4 players. Gonna be tough getting to the second round with no depth.

Just a random bass pic (though one of mine) to get this thread back on track (and also because I haven’t the faintest idea what you guys are talking about :joy:)


I love that colour!


mmmmm sandberg




I thought I was the only one :rofl:


Sorry! I’m not a huge sports fan but something about hockey is just fundamentally appealing to a lot of guys. I mean it’s people sliding around on ice with sticks and sometimes brawling - we are talking something that goes straight in and grabs your inner 12 year old boy instincts as “this is something you should watch and maybe grab some friends to try out on a snow day”.


I’m still waiting for you to gift that to me for backup.


Hope springs eternal, Josh. :pray:


Been a while since I posted my “family”, and it’s had a number of lineup changes. So, here they are:

That’s a 2018 Kiesel P4 p-bass and a 2019 Kiesel Osiris P/J.

For the first time ever, I have no complaints with either of my basses. And the original invoice date of the Osiris is the same as my birthday, so we’re twinsies! :smiley:


Hehehe :laughing:


Week four of owning my first ever instrument budget gear4music short scale


Couldn’t help myself when I saw that red. Introducing the last bass I’m ever going to buy and this time I mean it not like last time when I said that, version 5.0


My “second” first bass. 2008 Fender P Bass.

My first bass was over 30 years ago- can’t even remember what it was. I was a teen and had to put it on lay-away and visit it until I could pay for it.


Congrats both for your new bass and for this very impressive statement … see you in the GAS section :wink:


I’ve posted picks of my basses, but individually. Here is a pic of all three:

On the left is my Dingwall Combustion. This thing is beautiful to play and is very much my go to bass. If you get a chance to play one of these, grab it!

In the middle, my Steinberger. Musically, I’m an 80s boy and I needed a Steinberger guitar back then, but simply could not afford one as a student, plus I was cr@p on guitar and could only bash out a few cords. The Steinberger was the second bass I bought after I started B2B, the first being a cheap Epiphone Tobias, that I then sold.

On the right, is my Spector NS2000-4. It’s probably 20 years old, but it has some grunt. I picked this up for next to nothing. It had been languishing in a case for 7 or 8 years and looked quite sad. I took it to a guitar tech who sorted it out and under the grime was a near perfect instrument. It’s probably worth 3x what I have put into it, but I’m not selling. Planning to tune it to drop D, or go the whole hog and change the strings for BEAD.


I definitely have some dingwall lust. What a pretty collection!


As I said, it’s my go to bass - it’s beautiful to play. The Steinberger mainly gets played when I need a break from looking at a screen, attending Teams meetings and writing client proposals - it’s light, compact and easy to pick up. The poor Spector doesn’t really get played, hence why I might change its tuning…


I think I need multiple basses based on the bands I like all choosing different tunings. I was listening to Disturbed indestructible while running Monday really enjoying it, so I looked up the tabs. Drop C tuning, which took me a second to even figure out looking at the strings :rofl:. It’s not a big deal to tune down but it does add a little bit of friction and that was enough that I didn’t even look through the rest of the tabs before deciding not to mess with it right now.