Silent Practice

So my Steelseries Arctis 7 headphones broke. This is a big deal because using them with a headphone amp allowed me wireless playing options while listening to a backing track from my PC.

My headphones connected to my PC via 2.4 Ghz wireless.
My guitar connected using a NU-X headphone amp to my headphones. No wires to the PC.

My issue now is none of the new versions of headphone allow for this, at least none that I’ve found. They all only allow dual wireless (2.4 and bluetooth) or just 1 connection if you’re wired.

Has anyone else solved this mystery? Do I have to go find another pair of the same out-of-production headphones to be able to continue my seemingly unique way of practice?

I hope to hear lots of great ideas! (or not because I appear to be the only one on the planet doing it this way)

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I am using the Logitech G933 in exact the same way. Well, not exactly the same way, it is a bit more complicated for me, with ASIO sound from the PC and sound from other stuff over wireless), but in essence, that headset supports your use case.

I am not quite sure if this will be of much help for you, as that headset also seems like Logitech isn’t selling it anymore.

They have newer models with wireless and headphone jack, but I am not sure if they still support that use case.

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Hey, thank you. That’s a problem that I’ve been running into is all the current models don’t seem to support my use case.

It may come down to buying something and trying it out and returning it if it doesn’t work for me.

Of course the problem means a lot of places won’t accept returns on headphones, except Amazon.

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As has been said in other headphones practice-related threads, the Waza Air-Bass system allows for Bluetooth connection to a bass and a backing track playback from any Bluetooth equipped device (computer, tablet, phone).

It is definitely not cheap; quite the contrary. But it works very well and sounds amazing.

While it also includes a unique library of expandable effects, I personally don’t use them. I just want to hear how my basses actually sound.


Thanks @MikeC I’ll keep that option in mind.

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