SIT Strings

Anyone use SIT Foundation strings? I bought a set to put on my B5, but I’ve never used them. Any feedback?


A set of SIT somethings came new on my Peavy T-40.
The shop owner I got the T-40 from raved about them and said its the only strings he sells or puts on basses.
They were the Rock Bright Nickel ones.
I remember them being ok but switched to flats on that bass.

And since my current love affair with rounds firmly sits in the GHS Boomer camp, the SITs go in (as @PamPurrs calls it) the Drawer of Shame.


Yep, I mentioned on another thread that I put some SIT Foundations on my Sire Marcus Miller M5. They’re rounds, but they feel great: very smooth under the fingers. As a result, they have very little string noise when sliding or shifting positions.

They have nice tension to them, and they sound great. Price is right, too - $20. I like 'em.


LowEndLobster uses SIT for his string supplier and he seems to really like them.


I cant tecall if they were foundation or not, but I have used a set of SIT strings.
I got a light gauge that matches the EB Extra Slinkys (blue pack) and D’Addario XL’s (EXL-220B super light gauge) and I cant tell much difference between the 3, and I like all 3.

I buy any of those and some Roto’s of tge same fauge, and really see which is cheapest on Amazon when I buy. I got 3 or 4 packs of gge XL’s last time cuz they were $11.98 a set, plus rewards points gor another pack or two, but I would use any of thise sets.
I am more concerned with string gauge and round wound strings that are bright.

After the guy who made the strings Lobster used to use (cant think of the string name or guys name, but @John_E knows, its a 3 letter abbreviation like S.I.T. Is, but starts with M) died, and supply issues started? Lobster switched to SIT Foundation strings and now uses them in his reviews, so, that could be good or bad, depending on your opinion of Lobster???
I still like him, and the strings are fine with me, so its a good thing in my book


Ooos, gues I should read thru before I post.
Oh well, tgats 2 for Lobster.

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Mike Connolly from MJC strings


Yep, i was at least right about 3 letters, starting with M.


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As I mentioned, I have SIT Foundations and they’re great strings.

My luthier is a dyed-in-the-wool Ernie Ball strings aficionado (been using them as a pro lead guitarist for over 20 years). He’s sensitive to how bass rounds feel and always recommends Slinkys over everything else.

He’d never heard of SIT Foundations before he worked on my Sire M5, but he was blown away by how smooth they felt and their sound. Luthiers are notoriously opinionated, but the Foundations impressed that day.

Michael Connolly. MJC Ironworks.
Someone bought it and is restarting it up I guess.
Nice stings too. What Rocco Prestia used at the end. They were good friends.

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I contacted MJC to try to order some strings, not knowing about the founder’s death. The person who replied said the company employees were going to try to assume ownership and get back in business. Hope they succeeded.

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Thanks all, for the replies. I was looking for a new set of string for my B5. I tried Fender 7250s, Dunlop Super Brights, and some SIT Foundations. I like the .40, .60, .80, .100, and .120 sets, and used those gauges across all three sets.

Speaking truly and honestly, the SITs are my favorites of the three. They’re bright, feel nice under my fingers, and compliment the Carvin J99 pickup sounds really well.


Good choice, Tim.

I like the gauge you chose.
I actually am .005 smaller tgen all but the G string, and prefer it, but I could be happy playing on that set you got, at least on 4 strings👍🏻