Six String Newbie

Hi guys my name is Jason and I just bought an Ibanez 206b and a Fender Rumble 25. Gotta take my bass and get it setup but I am excited to learn to play! BTW, It’s a six string so I’m hoping that won’t be a problem.


Nice! I have a 6 string Ibanez I love it. It’s not more difficult to play note wise but the neck width, string spacing and muting are the learning curve you have to overcome.

It’s not more difficult just more to learn. In the beginning everything is difficult the good news is if you can master playing the 6 string, when you move to 4 string it would feel like going from a full size van to a Tesla on ludicrous mode, lol.


I love my rumble 25. Enough guts to get down good and a couple nice options with the overdrive and contour buttons. The tone knobs are pretty sensitive on it.
Makes a great little practice amplifier in the bedroom when i don’t feel like making a lot of noise.