Slap Bass Patterns: Thumb Hammer Pluck Exercise with 3 Variations

This is topic from ancient Josh video.

Thumb Hammer Pluck video. I am attempting Variation 1. How does one stretch the fingers? Josh lays index across the 9 fret board for pluck E. I mute all the strings in doing so. I have the tip of my #1 index jammed the 4th string 9th fret otherwise I mute all the strings trying to lay across 9th fret… Josh appears to have an innate ability to put pressure on only part of finger needed to fret the string. Might there be an exercise? Or explanation on how to effectively thumb open A, hammer octave A, and pluck 9 fret E without muting strings with either index #1 or pinky #4 fingers.?

Hail @briezim!

This video should be titled “3 really difficult slap patterns with very delicate and difficult fingerings”.

The beginning pattern is super tricky, and the fretting patterns and fingerings are well in the advanced-intermediate category.

The best practice would be to just practice a thumb-hammer-pop pattern over and over again. Open A - hammer to 5th fret A - pop 7th fret A.
Do that forever until you can do it cleanly.
The only way to get that magical, perfect pressure left hand technique is to practice a ton so that the fingers are strong and controlled.

Hope that helps some!


Hi Gio,
Thanks for the helpful response and understanding. Magical seems to be the correct observation. I agree. I am in need of some exercise (and likely string setup) before attempting Josh’s comfortable left hand position. Thanks a million.