Slap... Practice THIS Daily (10 Mins)

Wanna get better at slap bass in just 10 minutes a day? This stupidly simple exercise will level up your speed, technique, and accuracy.


If you’re doing the Beginner to Badass course, this lesson would… be a distraction from doing your homework. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: But you can play with it after I cover basic slap technique in Module 13.

Daily Slap Practice Track

If you missed the 2 week challenge of this exercise last fall, here’s the playalong track to mess with:

What level can you make it to? (without joining me in slap bass jail) :wave::guitar:


What an honor to be in an official bassbuzz video :jbass: !! Seriously, give this exercise a try. Follow the progression. It really unlocked things for me. I’ve kept up the habit of working on slap about 10 minutes each practice. It is super fun once it starts to feel natural.


Great exercise! Give it a try if you’re even slightly interested in learning how to slap. Thanks @JoshFossgreen for letting me be a part of this video.


That was awesome seeing you two in the video. Had to jump over to the forums to see if it was mentioned. Congrats you both must be on cloud 9! Nice playing, and to echo some of the YouTube comments, that’s a slick bass you’ve got there Paul!


Thank you. It’s pretty cool to be featured on a channel as awesome as bassbuzz. And on such a cool lesson video too.


Thanks for this. I literally tried to learn it just today and I got the notes down. all i have to work on next is the hand techniques.


I like the video, it’s cool to see how good it turned out. And I’m definitely going to take up slapping sometime in the future. :slight_smile: :clef:

Also great to see the transformation, @dlamson13 and @Paul_9207


I did the exercise a few times, and started to make progress…, it works!
I just need to stay with it, unfortunately not enough playing time for me :face_with_diagonal_mouth: