Slapping and popping?

Yep Josh does an excellent job. I just want more!

Right now two things are getting me, for example - tone and muting. For example, my tone slapping the D string (and to a lesser extent the G string) just sucks. Not sure why and I assume that will just get better with time but it’s probably a technique thing.

And muting while slapping - I am finding it tough. And there’s clearly some cool techniques to help - for example, in F Chopper Koga’s slap course she does this thing where she reaches over the A string and mutes the E string with her middle finger. I cannot do it at all consistently yet (I end up fretting the E string, which I usually mute with my thumb).

She also does this thing where she mutes the adjacent string with her slapping thumb after the slap that I totally cannot figure out yet.

It’s Japanese but it’s also the Universal Language of Bass you you should be able to see what I mean starting at 4:10 here:

I just cannot get a good slap tone if I try that thumb-muting thing.


Can’t understand WHAT she’s saying, but I love HOW she says it :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I challenge any bass player to watch her and Hana jam at the start of that video and not smile.

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Agreed with many of these sentiments, Module 13 was not one of my favorites, but, who knows where I’ll be on the bass journey months or years down the road, and, at that point, maybe I’ll be much more into slap and pop, or just looking for something to re-visit.

But for now, fingers or a pick are my preferred way too!


Eric.kiser Nobody!! forgets the BASS player. :rofl::crazy_face:


Welcome @stefcappela!! You’re gonna love it here! Great group of very supportive bass enthusiasts!



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Welcome @stefcappela

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