My buddy is a big Smule guy… evidently that’s an app which allows you to Karaoke online and collaborate with others. I guess you strip out vocals like we strip out basslines and record your voice over that. I guess.

…honestly, the whole Smule thing is a bit fuzzy for me. But whatever.

Anyway, he wants to collaborate with me on Smule: he would sing, and I would play bass. So I’d need to prepare a track that has no vocals or bass, and we’d collaborate online to record our version. Or something.

Has anyone here done anything like that?

I’m quite confused with the setup. Evidently Smule only works via an iOS/Android app. I have an iPad, and I have an iRig HD2, but I’m not sure how it could be hooked up so that I can hear the bass, the music, and his singing.

Hopefully someone here has done something similar and has some words of advice for me.

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This is for the preparing the backing track part…

This is pretty easy to do on Linux. I know you’re a software guy, but I don’t know if you do Linux. Although, it looks like the tools I used are cross platform…

I just converted a bunch of songs for our drummer to practice with (and for me as well.) I used Deezer Spleeter to split mp3s into 4 stems (vocals, bass, drums, other), and then used SoX to combine just the stems I wanted back together into a single file.

I ran Spleeter through Docker so I didn’t have to install python and conda.

If you are interested I can write up instructions on how to do it.


Oh, I’m sorry, I should have been more clear. The track itself isn’t a problem; I use Spleeter as well, and I can import them all into Reaper and export an MP3 without the bass and vocals. My concern is making all the hardware work together so that both my buddy and I can music over the track while hearing my bass play and broadcast to be recorded by this Smule app.

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Yep, no problem, I realized that’s what you were asking for just as you started typing your response :laughing:. I should have read more carefully.