So I bought a Guitar!

I don’t know why but I’ve been having a really strong urge to learn guitar lately.

I went to Guitar Center yesterday, and played a whole bunch of them to see what felt comfortable. I really liked the feel of a used 2009 MIM Fender Strat in Olympic White. Only problem is it was beat to heck, I mean in really bad shape, and they wanted an arm and a leg for it considering the condition it was in. I left the store empty handed, but could not get the feel of that neck out of my head.

So today I was browsing Offer-Up, and the exact same guitar (but a 2008) pops up. But this one was in pristine like new condition, like it just came out of the box. The seller was just around the corner from me, the price was right, so I went to check it out. It felt just like the one I played in the store, so it came home with me.

I still can’t believe the condition of this thing, especially it being 13 years old.

Anyways, not sure where this is going to go, but now I need to find a good online guitar course.


A lot of us have done this - I spent about six months on a guitar sidetrack :slight_smile:

I recommend Justin Sandercoe over at - excellent lessons, first set are free


Thank you for your participation in BassBuzz, however, with the purchase of a guitar, you are no longer a Badass.
Please mail your credentials back within 7 business days.

Seriously though, I have always wanted to do this but know there is no time and no way, hope you do great with it. Cool looking axe.


Ha ha! Turn in your man card! The strings feel so small!

Yes I’m concerned with starting something else as well. We’ll see how it goes.
The guitar feels and sounds great but needs a setup. Watching setup videos now.


I have a guitar that someone gifted to me a couple years ago. It’s mainly been fluff for my stands. I even bought a guitar primer book and new strings for it, but they are collecting dust just as the guitar is. I just don’t have the desire. Bass and piano are enough for me.


It turns out they set up exactly like basses do :slight_smile:

Strings are way cheaper too, which is nice.

Good luck with the pain. It will last for about six weeks in my experience. If you don’t know what I mean yet, you will soon :rofl:


I think playing both instruments will complement each other. The guitar should at least give me better finger dexterity.


I know exactly what you mean! After trying out 30 some guitars yesterday my fingertips are feeling it!


It definitely did for me, improved my bass dexterity noticeably. So many fingers in such tiny frets. There’s a reason you learn the A Major chord so early :slight_smile:

On the other hand, things that guitarists find to be difficult to reach - those will be easy peasy for you after bass. C Major? No problem! (Well ok slight problem, it’s clunky, but the reach is not the issue)


That’s a blatant lie sir. It’s been longer than 6 weeks for me and my fingers still throbbing. Although I catch myself bitching less, lol.

Like everything else, when you are learning something new you usually doing it too hard. I feel like I’m trying to turn a spaghetti strings in to a fettuccine strings.


It’s really amazing how much it can hurt :rofl:


A) Congratualtions!
2) That looks amazing. Nice find!
Tertius) I heartily second the Justin Sandercoe recommendation. He’s a good teacher
iv) If, at some point, you decide to upgrade pickups, the Lindy Fralin Vintage Hots sound great. I have them in my ‘68 reissue Strat and can’t say enough good about them


And there’s a reason many people play that by barring it with one finger later on :slightly_smiling_face:



Also, barre chords - ouch. I had thought that my fingers were strong from bass. That was a rude awakening. So much harder than anything I have done on bass, including basic chords. Like 10x harder :rofl:


But not likely to help with the dreaded F Major chord :rofl:


I came here to give you a hard time and then I saw the guitar.

My son has a 2009 MiM that looks just like that. It’s an exceptional guitar with a great neck.


I like my EMG(simply because that’s the only one I know, lol) especially for Strats I’ve been collecting them and play the 3 songs I know every time I pick it up, lol. I have all the the 20’s pickguard set the DG20, SL20,and VG20 all are awesome.


When i started playing guitar again about 4 years ago, i spent a long time just playing barre chords :slight_smile: yes i don’t think there’s anything on bass which requires all that much strength.


Part of the reason the f barre chord at the first fret is so difficult is because a lot of guitars have a nut that’s cut too high.

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Which makes it really bizarre that that is the first barre chord often taught. It’s likely the hardest :slight_smile: