So I saw this on South Park

I didn’t even know this was a stereotype but this is one that god knows I wish was true, LOL!


Oh yeah. Classic episode. South Park is just one valley over from my home!


It’s not a fictional town???


South Park Colorado is a real place about 2 hours south west of Denver. . There’s Middle Park, and North Park too.

It’s not entirely fictional…


It must be rather strange to have cartoon characters running around in your walmart…


Do they have a CASA BONITA as well?



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I knew that episode, but it’s still good.

I love the “goddammnit” in the end.


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Me Too!

All the years I watched this show I just assumed that the town was a fictional place in Colorado.

It’s a high altitude, grassy/snowy, flat area. Usually “parks” are like high elevation meadows.

Technically, South Park, in Colorado is not just one town., it’s an area and part of Park County. I think Fairplay is the biggest town over there, and it’s even more rural than Gunnison. Maybe there’s 2 thousand people living at over 9000 feet of elevation.

I don’t think they have a Walmart. There’s a few gas stations, subway, restaurants. And, lots of ranch land and Pickup Trucks= hunting, fishing, good old boys. It’s right off one of our 2 lane highways when you travel to Denver/boulder from the Southwest.

It’s kind of the perfect place to base the show. They always seem to have so many Colorado themes/ news /content written in.

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Love the show. I’ve been a fan since Mr Hankey first appeared.

I’ve been a fan since the first episode in Germany aired.

I don’t know if it was the intended purpose to have a bunch of 12-13 year old boys shout “dildo” without, at the time, knowing what it meant.
We perfectly depicted our own parody at that time.

Yes, I was barely a teenager when this show was going on air.