So much for taking all my lessons while standing

Hey everybody! When I started my lessons on April Fools Day, I had every intention of my getting off my retired ass and doing this course while standing. Well, I’m not a professional musician so why the hell shouldn’t I spend at least part of my time sitting while practicing.

Anyway, I went on Amazon and started looking at folding stools and came across this one. It’s sold by IKEA and so I figured I’d compare prices at my local IKEA store which brings me to the real reason for this thread. When I checked IKEA’s website, I found the exact same stool for $110 less!! Here’s a link.

I just got home with the stool and to me, it’s prefect for practicing. If any of you are in the market for a practice stool, I highly recommend this one…especially for the price.


Using “Trudy Logic” - you now have $110 in your new bass jar, well done!


:rofl: True dat!


Do both. Whatever you feel like doing that day.
I mostly play standing because I find it more comfortable, but when I’m tired, I sit.

Good savings on the stool. Sometimes Amazon is a ripoff.


Oh, I will be and it’s nice to have a choice now.


I mostly sit.
I stand enough so that when / if I have to, it won’t feel so out of place, but my knees can’t take standing for a few hours a day while practicing / Playing.

My fat ass would probably buckle that chair. But, Will keep it in mind for after my knees are replaced, and after I am able to be active, go surfing, bike rides, snow board, etc… and I drop back down to my normal weight.

But, I recall another music chair that has a built in bass / guitar stand in the bass that seemed kind of cool, that was around $80 to $110 or something.
Not sure if it is the same construction quality or not, however, I didn’t get it for the same reason.
I was looking more at shop stools, basically short bar stools, that are also used for music stools, and many have logos on them, like the Fender F, or Ernie Ball, or Gibson, etc…
But they were pricey too, near $150-$250 IIRC, that is why I don’t have one of those either.
Saw some kind of budget ones, but didn’t look like they would support big boys either.