Soldering Station Recommendations?

The Weller model is designed in Germany and made in Mexico.

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Yep, I’m going to get some Kester solder. StewMac and all the stuff I’ve found recommend that.

The brand doesn’t matter so much. What matters are things like:

flux type?


:+1: I’m there.


Get a decent 3rd hand and you are all set.

I’m about to put my setup to the ultimate test, I bought the Klon clone (StewMac Ghost drive) DIY kit I heard that it took experienced guys a couple of hours to do it, I’d give myself at least a weekend to complete the job maybe 2, lol.



these are so useful, yeah. When I don’t have one I usually end up jury-rigging one with heatsink clamps :rofl:

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I use a TS-100 (many brands, it’s open source iirc) and it is my favorite soldering iron ever.

It’s small, it heats in mere seconds, digital temperature controls, and I can run it off an RC battery pack which means stored in a little pencil case it can go in my gig bag for emergencies (albeit it takes a little longer at 12V vs 24V).

The only downside is that the tips are more expensive compared to more traditional irons as they house the temp sensor/electronics. $10-$15 vs $2-$5 :upside_down_face:

It also has an accelerometer to cut power if you drop it and it cools pretty rapidly, too. It idle time-outs and lowers the temp to like 150-200C and then heats back up when you pick it up again. It’s pretty fancy but they’re also like $70-$80 just for the little iron.

I also had to buy a few bits and things to make it a proper “station” I guess.


That’s interesting. I saw a couple similar to this one in a review. Seems great as a lightweight and portable solution.



I fit one of these in there, too:

And one of those pocket-sized tubes of solder, a battery pack, a little iron stand and a tin of tip tinner/cleaner. It’s a hugely portable setup as well as not taking up much desk space.

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You absolutely want a solder sucker, but FWIW that one is about five times more expensive than most - you should be able to find them for $5 or so. I just saw a 3-pack for $10.

That said, that one looks really nicely made.

The iron itself looks awesome! How much life do you get out of the battery?

I didn’t track specifically but I’ve gone at least an hour and a half iirc on a 1Ah 11.V 3S pack at 350C. 400C drains it loooots faster :eyes:

Yes, the sucker is spendy. I got it… several years ago from Adafruit just on a whim and it’s been very nice. I mostly suggested it due to size; it’s half the size of the quintessential “basic blue” solder sucker and fits in the case with the iron easily.

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