Some progress :)

I am doing Module 9 of B2B currently, and thinking about chord tones Minor Major etc.
I asked my son to get from his band teacher the bass part to a piece they are doing (he has the sax solo and I wanted to maybe play with him).
Here is what I was sent:

Pretty boring right.
I Impressed myself a little bit by using my newly understood knowledge of chord tones to walk around the fret board alternating the Bbm and Cm7 (just using the root, third and fifth) with inversions in a Latin rhythm (I also tried Bossa Nova for giggles).
Probably quite pedestrian stuff but hey it shows I am making some progress right


Definitely progress, that’s fantastic! You’re making music and using your ear to come up with an accompaniment. B2B really works, especially when you seek out ways to apply it like this.


Finally a bass line I can sight read.