Song 17 - "Crossfire" by Stevie Ray Vaughan

Nice job! Great tone…

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:clap::clap::raised_hands: that was cool, the tone was spot on for the song… you’ve taken the challenge by storm man! I’m amazed at how super relaxed you play also :sunglasses:


Thanks Reo!

The weird thing about the tone on this one is it sounded best when I set all my EQ and blend controls to noon on both the bass and my amp (except gain, which I left off). This never happens. I play the Schecter through an Orange Crush combo and then record the DI signal from the amp. This rig doesn’t scream “Texas Blues” to me, but somehow it worked :slight_smile:

I think the relaxed playing comes from playing guitar for so long. It makes the instrument feel familiar to me. I do focus on staying relaxed when I play as well – good things tend to happen then. When I tense up, usually because I’m overthinking something, that’s when I forget parts, or my fingers go rogue and trip over themselves.

Yeah, I’ve noticed that a cool individual sound doesn’t necessarily gel well with the mix, perhaps setting the bass tone to a more “Texas blues” sound might crash with the track…

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alright I sat on this one for a bit, not playing much as I mentioned on the previous song… also when I am doing a song in a different tuning I tend to play less,… I’m using that excuse


Hey @Reo!
Well done man!
Well done!!!
Nice growl too on this.
Sounds great.

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Really solid! Nice job!

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Nice job on this @Reo! Kept the groove going throughout.

Yeah, a big part of my practice is jamming to a shuffled playlist of songs I know. My Eb playlist is much more limited.