Song 23 - "In the Midnight Hour" by Wilson Pickett

Song: In the Midnight Hour
Artist: Wilson Pickett
Tuning: Standard (EADG)

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Straight into the DAI.
Tone rolled up all the way.
I tried to get all the articulation marks (there’s quite a lot hidden in this seemingly simple tune) but missed a few.


Here’s another fun groove. I dialed in a lot of mids on this, more than on any of the other Motown covers, but I was feeling that kind of sound.

I’m guessing I missed more than a few…I’m a lazy reader.


Really really good @dlamson13
The tricky bit is keeping that thrid note in the riff to an eight, which you did mostly all the time.
Couple times it got long (me too, it’s like we want to follow the melody which has it a bit longer), but really you pretty much nailed it.

For me the tricky bit was keeping it short the entire time as I got lazy.

Tone was great, really great job man.

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Thanks John_E, glad you liked it, and appreciate the insight into the note lengths.

Exactly! I’m kind of a “feel” player, which can be good for getting in a groove, but sometimes gloss over the details and end up following something other than the bass. The quality of these transcriptions is awesome though, and have helped me fill in a lot of knowledge gaps when I slow down and study them.

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