Song 25 - "London Calling" by The Clash

Song: London Calling
Artist: The Clash
Tuning: Standard (EADG)

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Here’s a little apocalyptic number from the UK I learnt. Getting the triplets in the verse clean is tough at this tempo.


Cool version! I might kickstart my attempt at the 50 song challenge …

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Great job @dlamson13 !

Love the growl and tone. Really well done.

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Thanks @Ed! You should give it go. I think you’d like playing the fast parts in this song.

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Thanks @John_E! The Fernandes definitely has that nice J-Bass growl. Set all the knobs at 10 and added a little amp gain.

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That, sir, sounds like a challenge ! :+1:

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Yay @dlamson13 - 1 down 49 to go (flexing the new Seymour Duncan pickup)


Nice @Ed!!! You got that done fast. Sounded great, knew you would crush it, it’s fun one to play for sure. Nice pick work too.

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Thanks! :grinning: :+1:I’ll have to try a few more - just some are not that motivating…

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Fantastic @Ed
The tone is brilliant. Love it a lot. High in the mix but it’s ok. I dig it.
Some timing bits issues but nothing to worry about. You really got the spirit of the groove here down very well. It’s not an easy one at all.

Excellent job !!!

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Yeah - the walkdown at the end of the chorus kept catching me out. Still, if I can get “mostly good” I’m pretty happy :slight_smile:

Oh I’ve installed a new Seymour Duncan bass pickup and it definitely came out hotter than the standard pickup - it’ll just take a bit of getting used to…

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Used the Gretsch on this one, both pickups, tone rolled all the way up.
I have flats on it so not quite the same original tone but good enough.


Well…this one is a hot mess but I have heard enough of this song to last me years…

Resorted to hammer ons for the triplets as my picking hand would not sync with my fretting hand at full tempo. Additionally, I’ve set this one down and come back to it so many times I don’t have good notes on my sound settings. I even mixed up the labeling of the video tracks! I’m pretty damn sure the video I’m using here isn’t the right one but I cannot find the right one! This means the sync is all over the place. Oh well…

Squier bass back in action on this one and we are using a pretty heavy pick.

EDIT: Had to re-upload video


I know this one has been your nemesis lately, nice job getting through it! Did you mean to leave the backing track out? I’ve heard the song so many times from back when I working on it so I can hear it fine in my imagination :laughing:

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This song has cursed me… That was not intentional. I don’t see any shenanigans in my iMovie project so I need to re-upload this one.

The cover sounds pretty good to me @cheeze_pizza :metal: :metal:but the video looks a bit wonky…

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Since I could not find the right video to match my audio I went with the best clip I had which presented many sync issues… Thanks for checking it out!

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Not quite there yet, timing off in the tune here and there in the beginning (audio, I ignored the video).
Tone quite nice though and seems like you recovered on the timing thing as you went.

Overall very good man!

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I shouldn’t even say that as I think I had better clips but this one got away from me and is probably deserving a redo.


However, If I have to hear “I live by the river!” again anytime soon, I might have to go live in a van down by the river…

Thanks John. I do appreciate it. :smiley: