Song 45 - "September" by Earth, Wind, & Fire

Song: September
Artist: Earth, Wind, & Fire
Tuning: Standard (EADG)

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Well it’s not the 21st yet, but at least the month is right. I didn’t plan on keeping this take, but I felt there was just too much pure bass playing joy in the performance to not use it. Sometimes that joy can be lost if you do too many takes. I couldn’t stop dancing, especially as the song progressed, even managed to improvise a few lines that I liked. This all came at the expense of my intonation and catching all the transitions but I can live with it. What a cool song to play, thanks for checking it out!


Excellent groove man! Always a great song to get one moving!

I still have about 2.5 weeks to work on this one… :wink:

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Thanks a lot!

You got this, actually I think in 2.5 weeks you might have all 50 done :slight_smile:

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Dang if that ain’t funky/groovy.
I love this song so much.
You did a great job, love the committment to the fretless!

Man I wish I had the room to raise up my pedals like yours.
Next iteration of my room this is a must.


Thanks John!

I like the set up. I found I wasn’t stomping on them much, mostly just set and forget. Keeps things a little cleaner and easier for me to dial in this way.

So, I’m either five months late on this or seven months early… :upside_down_face:

Some improvisations and a few dropped rests here and there but I dig the final product.

On to the next one!


Very nice man.
A super tough song, love the growl and tone.
Generally spot on and great groove, couple of blips but so what, you were awesome.
Well done man!


Thanks @John_E - Glad you enjoyed it. I really wanted to add the same effect they used in the music video but that’s outside of my video production capabilities right now. :laughing:

Great version and tone. Not sure what I can say to help here, think it was great. Might be angle on right hand and that left hand fingers could be closer to the strings? Is this your number 48, so you are soon done?

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Thanks @Johnnyb - I appreciate the feedback. I have 3 more songs to finish! :smiley: Working on Testify right now.


I hope this is good enough for me to move on, don’t want to keep playing this until September. :slight_smile:


Dang dang dang @Johnnyb - great stuff!!
You have progressed so fast!

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Thank you @John_E , I feel it takes forever to get there. Hehe:-)

do you remember