Song 5 - "Highway to Hell" by AC/DC

Are you ready to rock!?!?!?!? I know many of you are, so lets do this!

Song: Highway to Hell
Artist: AC/DC
Tuning: Standard (EADG)

Spotify link

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Here’s my take on AC/DC highway to hell. I had a blunder middle of the song. I thought the breaks in the song made it a little more difficult. In all great song. I wish Whole Lotta Rosie was in these 50 songs. LOL

Fixed my bad.
You can’t post on YouTube due to coptrights.


@BigAl - The URL just says the page is missing. Something isn’t right.

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Yep, the link is not working.

BTW, there is an extensive discussion about this song being slightly off key here.


Hi @BigAl I was unable to find the link as well…

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Hey everyone, quick question…

What was this symbol and sound at the end of the song? I can’t quite hear it very well in the original recording.

HW2H Question


It might be specifying to play the A on the 5th fret instead of Open sting???
Just a guess.

That means “play this note as many times as you can.”
It’s a tremelo marking.
The half circle with a dot under it is a fermata - so you just hold that note and keep playing it real fast until the cue for the last note.


“Swanson, I was WAY OFF”

Great to know, much thanks.

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Greeting B2B, Sorry about the link youtube will not let you post your video because of copyrights.
here’s the link to Instagram not sure if you have to log in to get the video
I hope this one works.

did Modification to link hope this works.


To fix your original link, take out the “manage/videos/” bit and it will work. So it is just

You did a good job on this. A few mis-plays but nothing major. However, I think you should watch it back and pay attention to your fretting hand and how far away from the frets you were sometimes. Sometimes you were in-between the frets. Especially in the latter part of the song after 2 min or so. Just something to be aware of. I’m guessing you were looking at tab and not at your hand, so just playing it by feel, so that’s why it was off.

That’s something that will improve with time though as long as you are aware of it and actively trying to reduce it occurring. Something I continue to work on myself. I think it just takes time before your muscle memory knows where to go without you looking.

Good job overall though and thanks for kicking things off. :slight_smile:


Thanks,for feed back really appreciated. :+1::+1:


Good work @BigAl
You missed the ‘tremmelo’ mark at the end, the big rock play the note as fast as you can and rock out fun part.
Otherwise good stuff, minor timing issues.
I think you used the original track vs. the fixed one for tuning that is on Discord.
Keep rockin man, doing great!


Yeah, used original track. I couldn’t nail that tremmelo so left it out. Thanks for feed back. :+1: :+1: :beers:

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Nice job @BigAl.

First look at the score, I thought the same thing. The long breaks are going to make it more difficult to come in at the right time…

Amen to that - that’s a line I’m going to have to find and learn…


Are there files on discord? Can the location of the original track be updated with the “retuned” track (or was it already)?

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It is buried in the thread, @JT, can it be pinned to the top or something?

I grabbed it on Discord…

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I’ve asked @gcancella to add it to the Drive folder with all of this stuff. I don’t have access to that folder and can’t pin things in Discord. I can’t put a direct link in here either due to grey areas on legality. However, it was re-posted on the Discord thread yesterday so is only a few messages from the bottom currently.