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Started playing “Gone Away” by the Offspring this morning, on a whim. Pretty simple song, just a few chords. Mostly chugging.

The issue I’m having is the last note on a few of the chords. He jumps up a full step, hits the note and then progresses up or down for the next chord change.

At 114BPM (fast for me) I can’t seem to catch that last note, cleanly and keep the chug going.

Pictures for reference. I’m kinda thinking it’s finger placement, and repetition, but wanted to get some thoughts. Thank you!!


Could it be that the E flat to F (second and sixth bars, second image, I assume this is the problem spot) are meant to be hammer-ons? That might make it easier, if you’re doing index on Eflat, then you could hammer onto F with the pinky/ring, and then pivot to Bflat. Just a thought from a noob.


Hmm, great point. I haven’t dabbled in my many hammer one. I’m familiar with them though. I will give it a shot, thank you!!

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Slow it way down and count it out.
Stress the 7th note in your mind as the change to transition note.

Do this a while until you get the feel of it and slowly ramp it up. Our fingers and brains like even numbers. But it’s easy to break that at low speed when you can think about it clearly.

Once you start hearing it correctly your brain will want to play it correctly.


Thank you! I’ll do just that.

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