Songs for jamming with a drummer

I’m looking for some music to jam to with my drummer buddy, both to entertain ourselves whenever the guitar players are unavailable, and to better lock in with each other.
He’s getting a bit bored with playing the same basic rock beats all over and I thought he’d be up for the challenge.
Anything comes to mind?
So far we’ve done The Who - Boris The Spider, it’s a blast on bass, and is built upon just a few repeatable fragments so it’s easy to break up and improvise around a little bit.


Muse is always fun.

when I jam with my buddy we just play what we like, but another fun one is Talking heads - this must be the place. there is a lot of room to mess around with that one.


VERY nice work on Hysteria. I can’t keep that chug going for the whole song.


F’king hell @PR_9207 !
Just WOW :star_struck:


Thanks Howard, it’s stressful, I don’t even play it anymore.

Thanks Mac!


Little Green Bag - George Baker Selection

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I’m going to throw this in. It’s a simple repetitive bass line that leaves a lot of space for the drummer to go crazy over it. Many moons ago, I would play this with my brother on drums, and he loved playing this song. I played it on the E and A strings, a lot lower than Sting does.

The Police
I Burn For You
Brimstone and Treacle Version
Start at 2:40, after Sting is done singing. That’s the cool, fun drummer part.