Songs for keyboard and bass

Can anyone help. My wife is learning to play keyboard and is very experienced on guitar, i have been learning bass for the last 2-3 years. We want to be able to practice together on something that is not too challenging but that will encourage us to play together more often. Can anyone come up with some song suggestions. One song that i have thought of is Carole King’s ‘So Far Away’. That is the type of thing i am looking for


I’d say just about any book with piano scores in it would work. You can compose your own baseline using the chords from the piano score as a guide. I have several piano books and that’s what I do.
As for which songs to learn, there are thousands of choices and I can’t even begin to make a recommendation. It’s all up to you. I would start out with easy piano scores and work up from there.


Thanks for the advice, i will have a go.


Can’t vouch for any of the recommendations but there is a discussion here:


@leftyclawhands I happened to come across the TV special Just Call Out My Name with Carole King and James Taylor, on TV over this past weekend. I was just scrolling through the TV menu and came across it on CNN. Leland Sklar was the bassist, and even though they didn’t often show him closer up, you could see him a bit, and more importantly hear his wonderful bass lines well.

The group covered various hit songs done by both Carole King and James Taylor, so perhaps you could check out the special (if you have access to HBO Max when they air it, or CNN if they show it again) and see how Leland Sklar’s bass lines worked for those songs.


Here it is on YouTube.

Reunion Tour - Carole King & James Taylor: Just Call Out My Name 2022 Full DOCUMENTARY MOVIE - YouTube



OK Thanks

Adele’s current hit: easy on me

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Just like Heaven
Both by the cure


Just Like Heaven is a good one actualy, the keyboard parts are pretty easy. The piano part is more of a solo than anything, and the pads are pretty simple.

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thank you