Songs for Piano AND Bass

I (bass) am looking for easy songs to play together with my son (piano). He is 9 years old and plays 3 years now. So far better than me with the bass :grin:
Preferably rock & pop music.

Some advices? Maybe there is a “top 50 rock songs to play with piano and bass” ;o
Notes for piano and tabs for bass would be good.


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Hey Joerrey, maybe start with songs your son already knows?

Also, any piano songbook will have some basic information you could use to play along on bass, either chord symbols, or a left hand part that you could play (which would be sheet music, not tab).

Finding good bass tabs is tricky, and you probably won’t find a combo resource that has piano notation and then a bass tab. Never a bad time to start learning to read sheet music! :stuck_out_tongue:

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