Sources for Bass Sheet Music


What are some good sources of sheet music for bass, online or otherwise? I’d like to obtain the “real McCoy” versus some “hack” transcriptions and prefer sheet music over tabs. Thanks for the insights and Happy New Year!


I personally decided to follow and support by patreon a few folks on Youtube transcribing songs to tabs. A few dollars per months is still cheap compared to the time they spend to put these videos, and tabs available.

Most free sites brought me trouble with my computer, and/or provided weird/inaccurate tabs


Depends on what you’re looking for? For artist/band transcriptions, you can often find an official/licensed book by Hal Leonard or somebody with pretty good quality transcriptions.

Sometimes you will just be outta luck and either have to rely on something crappy, or use your ears to create your own transcriptions. Which may be easier said than done depending on your ear training level/experience!


I wish Hal Leonard could issue an official transcriptions book fully dedicated to Deftones, A Perfect Circle, or Tool!

I would buy it for sure!


For the worship bass players out there two sites are amazing. WorshipOnline and Worship Artistry. Both require a paid subscription but give music, tabs and tutorials.


Here’s one I like a lot: .


Very nice collection, thanks for sharing the link!


I found this site recently that has ~ 1500 bass guitar arrangements (tab and notation) and most cost around $3.


Here’s a nice resource of free transcriptions:

The nice thing is that each transcription is available with tabs but also as sheet music only (which is less cluttery and fewer pages if you can read music).


Nice resource. Thanks for the share!