Speaker isolation?

Guys I’m worried that my playing is annoying my neighbours downstairs. A friend recommended I put some kind of sound isolation under my amp (Orange 100 combo) . Something like isolation pads or maybe some kind of carpet? Has anyone tried these? If so are they worth getting? The aim is to take the sting out of any sound that might get through the floor… Cheers!


And what would you do about the giant speaker making the sound, lol?

The isolation pads are to keep any vibration from ‘hollow’ type stages etc from creating more vibration. I doubt that your building will benefit from one vs. the sound you are making from the speaker.

I looked at these which is why I offer this there, as I thought it would reduce vibration in my music room, however, no.

If you are worried about neighbors, I would reco either a Boss Waza Air, or, new neighbors.

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hah this would be phase 2 of the plan :laughing:. I’m trying to avoid the headphone option as much as possible because I just prefer the sound from the speaker… Plus I need to justify buying a 100W amp…

Oh well, better stick to playing quietly

Isolation pads and carpets don’t work. It will remove a little bit of sound, but it’s insignificant. There’s a reason why pro-studios are isolated by building a box inside a building. The sound really doesn’t care if it will pass on the energy by the floor or walls.


Headphones :headphones: plugged into your amp is my solution

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Loud 'phones are much more satisfying than quiet amp. TMOT.

Just be careful with volume. I recommend open backed headphones.


In my experience it’s only satisfactory if your speaker can push air and you can feel the rumble. For any other cases play on a small speaker or with headphones.


a good amp sim (software or hardware) and studio monitors are actually a good solution IMHO, in-between the big loud amp and the headphones. for your neighbours, it’s not different from listening to music on a Hifi or listening to a movie on your TV.


Yep. That’s all the Boss Waza really is. Any good amp/cab sim and decent headphones will give the same experience.


If you have room and money you can also think about sound proof pod/room/capsule/booth :slight_smile:

Something like:



Or maybe some other solutions for drummers. :man_shrugging:

Realistically, though… headphones and/or studio monitors are probably the way to go.

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First thing you need to do is get your amp up on a stand and off the floor. Second thing is go downstairs and make peace. Make them aware you are working on the issue and will do whatever needs to be done to keep the peace.
Next, heed the advice the others have given you.


Play twice as loud until they complain and then apologize profusely, turn it back down to where you practice now and carry on…psychology rocks too!


My first question is: what’s the reason you are worried? Did they indicate in any way that your playing annoys them? Before looking into any technical solutions, I’d talk to them first. Maybe you can come up with a solution that doesn’t require you to sound proof your floor.


Thanks guys! Looks to me it may not be worth getting isolation - headphones seem the logical option, or moving house, or buying my neighbour a new house :slight_smile:

@John_E Aha! I remember doing that when I was 14. I still got a whupping then :wink:

@Paul This is it… there’s no way I can reach that volume in a flat though. Might be worth heading down the rehearsal studios every now and again to get my fix…

@terb You know what - this is exactly what my brother (drummer) recommended. It wouldn’t break the budget and it sounds like a pretty good second option to having the amp running. This could be a Christmas GAS moment…

@jacq Oh that would be ideal! Actually I had a friend who was doing research on jet engines at the local uni and he showed me the soundproofed room where they test them. It’s a really weird feeling - all the echoes are damped by the soundproofing and if you spend more than a few minutes in there your mind start going places.

@PamPurrs yeah I suppose I should start there really. I don’t think we’re at the point where they’re sharpening pitchforks because I usually play quietly / on headphones but I’m sure there’s some noise leaking downstairs.

Any recommendations for brands?

@Mike_NL This could be the way forward. Good excuse to chat to them anyway… Maybe we can agree on some hours when I play, or I can do some requests :slight_smile:


I have the OnStage one I got from Guitar Center.

Another solution would be to remodel the building.


Thanks - I feel a tingle in my GAS :wink:



not sure who first posted that or I’d tag em for credit, but i like it!!


I built mine. Are you handy? Or have a handy friend? That said with the price of wood these days it’s cheaper to just buy one.


Nah - trust me if Mr Fumblefingers here can mess up a DIY job he will. I think I’ll splash out on the amp stand, although my Orange weighs in at around 25- 30 kg…

Monster pedalboard btw!

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