Spider walk exercise

Ever tried it?
I just started doing it to solve flying pinky, finger independence & build up speed?

I can tell you exercise is awesome, but it’s hard in my case cause of ringfinger. Its stubborn and it wont move much independently from pinky in descending (strings, not pitch) order.

Share yours experience!

Edit: If somebody doesnt know what Im talking about.


Mark Smith has this on one of his videos, and I did it quite some time ago. I haven’t done it in awhile, but perhaps I should, just to keep in condition.

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John Patitucci has one as well,
Cheers Brian

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This is a good exercise to get your improve finger strength and mobility. Along with that it will give you shifting movement exercise. At some point in your learning you start to develop what your thing will be. How you like to move along the neck. I love playing with my pinky finger and prefer to play with my middle, ring and pinky in many situations where others would choose to use their index, middle and ring. In shifting you will find what works best for you. eBassGuitar has another type of spider thing that is also good for improving that ring pinky that don’t like to move without one another thing. I Did The Spider Walk For 30 Days (This Is What Happened) - YouTube


Yeah I can say my fingers improved a lot doing these exercises for few weeks. No more random flying fingers.