Spidey Fingies or golf club grip?

I see 2 very different ways of fretting notes on the bass. The first is the Jaco “spider fingers” technique-where your thumb is anchored perpendicular to the neck centered under the hand and the hand/fingers stretch. The second is what I call the “golf club grip” where the thumb is pointed at the headstock and the hand is closed (not talking about having the thumb hanging over the fretboard). The first technique requires fingers to be stretched to reach notes and is generally used in a 1 finger/per fret system. The second requires more micro-shifting, as the fingers cannot stretch as far in a closed position.

Which way is “right”? I tend to see jazz bassists use the spidey finger technique while rock bassists tend to use the more closed golf club position.




These are both a good watch.

From @JoshFossgreen
Left Hand Technique For Bass Guitar (Beginning and Advanced!) - YouTube

From Adam Neely
Developing Safe Left Hand Technique for Bass Guitar - YouTube


Both. My hand doesn’t do one of the ways.


Both and neither! “Right” depends on context. If you need to stretch, don’t do the second thing! If your hand is getting fatigued or you don’t need a stretch, don’t do the first thing!

A lot of “fretting technique development” focuses on the stretchy approach, not because it’s always the right way to play, but just so you have access to it when you do need it - cuz needing stretch and not having it is a bummer.


Thanks trusty bass teacher!