Do you have any videos on how to play Splanky, I need help with that a lot like how to learn the notes on it and cords on it and stuff.

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Heyyyy cowscout - can you post links to the version you’re working on? Is it this one?

Also - if you have a chart or anything else to get things started, post a pic of the chart, and then we can see what we’re working with.
If you’re working on it in a large band setting, there’s usually unique and important stuff (rhythmic hits, written unison lines, etc) that need to get played.
Lets doooo it!

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sweet, I will send you picture of my music

now, I need to learn notes for bass and most stuff on it I don’t know what it is

oh and I need to learn it in 6 days so it needs to be fast

I need to learn how to read sheet music


did I get the notes right?
also the stuff I circled I don’t know what it is

what strings do I play on?

Hey @Cowscout123! All your note names look good EXCEPT one big problem - you’ve gotta watch out for the key signature (I cover key signatures in Module 8 of the Beginner to Badass course FWIW). So that first note is not a B, it’s a Bb (B flat) because the key signature at the beginning of each line is telling you that all the B’s, E’s and A’s are flat unless otherwise noted.

Another example - in bar 3 of the the second line, those three notes are G, Ab, and A natural, not G, A and A#. Does that make sense?

Re:circled things - this symbol01%20PM
means to repeat the last two bars you played, so that first line is 4 bars total, where you repeat the first figure twice.

These symbols - 45%20PM48%20PM
are repeat signs (which I believe I first cover in Module 5 of Beginner to Badass). The second one (closing repeat) tells you to repeat back to the first one (opening repeat).

Re:all the things you circled above the staff, those are the chord symbols, which based on your current level I would say are best to just ignore and play what’s written. Again, I cover some chord symbol basics in the Beginner to Badass course starting around Module 8.

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This is something you’d probably need help with one-on-one from a teacher at this point - eventually you can just improvise fingerings when reading stuff like this. My advice since you’re on a very short timeframe would be to look at a diagram of the notes on your bass neck (or get it memorized!), like this:

And then pick whichever option is closest to the open string for each note. I.e. your first Bb would go on the 1st fret of the A string.

Hope that helps!


Thank you :smiley:

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So they are the same as tuba, my teacher for tuba was right

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So do I just play on the A string or other strings than just the A string?

im bass bots brother

look at my profile

Cowscout - You just got an amazing crash course from Captain Fossgreen of the Starship Bass-o-tron. Good luck. 6 days isn’t really a whole lot of time to learn to read music, rhythms, and then execute a chart - but it is doable!!
Go for it!!!


You guys are awesome! Thank you so much for your help!! :grinning:

You’re gonna need all 4 of your strings throughout the chart. For example on the fourth line, the first note, Ab, can only be played (in that octave) on the 4th fret of the E string. Some of the other notes you have multiple choices, which is where I’m saying just pick the option closest to the open string.

One more example - Bar 21, the first note of line 6, is an Eb. You could play that note in that octave in 4 places:

  • 8th fret of the G string
  • 13th fret of the D string
  • 18th fret of the A string
  • 23rd fret of the E string (if you have that many frets)

But considering the context of the music, there’s no reason to use the higher frets, so you should probably use the 8th fret of the G string.

Also, who are you playing this with? Is this for a school thing? Do you have a teacher who can walk you through note by note and figure out hand positions and stuff? This is pretty ambitious considering your time frame and current knowledge base, so get as much help as you can.

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yes and no I have a teacher but I don’t think he’s gonna walk me through it how to do it

Gotcha. Well good luck!

this is jazz band audition music so I hope I get it figured out b Monday :smiley:


How’d it go??

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