Spotify Wrapped 2023

let’s see 'em. also i need to listen to WAY WAY WAY more music:

(FYI search “wrapped” on spotify to find yours in case it does not pop up)


No Spotify for me, but there you go :wink:

Apparently listened to 1231 hours of music… And that’s only on Deezer :sweat_smile:


As usual, the list of songs is skewed by songs that I’ve been practicing… List of artists is pretty accurate.


Fun one @mgoldst !


Looks about right :slightly_smiling_face:


This is a great thread!
I love and hate the end-of-year-in-algorithms reports.
I was just complaining to my wife this morning about Spotify Wrapped.
Every year I look at it and just think - how do these numbers get me so right, but so wrong?


It’s kind of funny, how Georg Frideric Handel squeezed himself into the plethora of Funk and Soul songs. :smiley:


This is the second year that Mayer Hawthorne, Chromeo and Breakbot are in my top five. If not for the new Metallica album coming out this year, this might have been a full soul lineup!


A wildly varied mix among those top artists! :crazy_face:Khruangbin should be self-explanatory. Adam Hurt is an old-time banjo player. Marc Cohn is because of my wife. Stapleton is Stapleton (plus we do a few of his songs). Lecrae is a Christian rapper.

Top song is because my 9-year-old son is obsessed with Tears for Fears :joy: and the others are because of band practice.

Because I’m a high school teacher and almost always have music going in my classroom (ambient, lo-fi, jazz, etc.) my genres don’t exactly reflect my tastes, per se, and my listening hours are elevated beyond even what they’d normally be.


Had never heard nor heard of Eefje de Visser, but I love it! It’s perfect for playing in the background because it’s intriguing, yet (because I don’t speak the language [German?]) not distracting like English-language music sometimes can be. (Oh, she just said “cafe” and “radio” – those are cognates, apparently.) I think my high school students will like it, too.

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Funny, so is my 11-year-old daughter! I do wonder where she gets certain songs from sometimes :joy:

It’s Dutch, actually :wink: Don’t worry: even if you did speak Dutch, you probably still wouldn’t understand all of the lyrics… I don’t anyway, they are very poetic and almost surreal sometimes!


I was obsessed with them at 16, they are ahead of the game :slight_smile:


Hehe, maybe they are. However, I’m guessing Tears for Fears were at the height of their popularity when you were 16, and that’s not really the case right now :wink:


lol, yep

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Hehehe, I’ll add mine by hand because I am on mp3s and my phone is my player.

Top Artists

  1. Ronald Jenkees
  2. Kiyoshi
  3. Ghost
  4. Smashing Pumpkins
  5. Failed Perfection (you can see me in the video - I’m the one in the black t-shirt to the left)

Top Songs

  1. Kiyoshi - The Sun (a recommendation from the forum here!)
  2. Ghost - He Is (This one is surprising)
  3. Ghost - Square Hammer (I use it as my alarm clock)
  4. Ghost - Mary on a Cross (I sing along on my bicycle)
  5. Ghost - If You Have Ghosts (Actually I like the lyrics by Roky Ericson most)

Top Stats

  • I listened to Kiyoshi’s The Sun 108 times all time.
  • I have 611 songs on my phone.
  • That’s 41h 49m 9s
  • My phone claims I have only listened to Ghost this week. This is untrue.
  • My longest piece is Beethoven’s Violin Concerto Op. 61
  • Apparently, there is 8h 20m of unplayed stuff on my phone. :shrug:
  • I have a completely different list on my computer…

Problems with these lists?
Well, I listen to songs and albums on repeat a lot. Like, one song 10 times in a row. Ronald Jenkees makes electronic music, and it’ s mostly a flow. So, you can easily listen to one song ten times on your commute to work.

Also, while I enjoy Ghost, I have just discovered the band, and I guess it’s just about liking hard rock, more than, well you know. I mean, I own and have listened to repeatedly to every Black Sabbath album. Who knows what my lifetime stats would be.

The one thing that’s missing is - what have I played the most? I can only guess, so here goes:

  1. The Cranberries - Zombie (every cover band wants it)
  2. Chris Isaak - Wicked Game
  3. The Red Hot Chili Peppers - Otherside (cover bands…)
  4. C maj scale :wink:
  5. Open E-string slap

Thanks for starting this fun topic!



My fave! I think that whole album is solid.



I love this idea!!
Here’s mine…


Probably because they wrote some great tunes.

“Soon we will be older”


One might say I enjoyed Metallica’s new album and got somewhat impatient waiting so their early single releases got some overtime.

Total of about 3,600 different songs it reckons.

Pretty sure I jammed along to “Breaking the Law”, “Immigrant Song” and “Paranoid”. Some of the radio mixes also have a LOT of overlap.

Not sure I agree about top genre though. I listened to heaps of metal but guessing they broke it down to sub genres. Also, if they are included RHCP be and Nirvana as rock, they are delusional :crazy_face: