Squier Bronco Bridge upgrade suggestions

I recently picked up a Squier Bronco bass for $100 bucks at the local Pawn shop. My son and I plan on upgrading it a bit. The current bridge not the best. Any suggestions that will not cost more than what I paid for the guitar?

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Solo stuff is inexpensive. Look at the diagram and make sure that the hole spacing (where the screws go) matches up with the Bronco.

I’m not saying this does but it’s an example of reasonably priced stuff that’s not total garbage.

$12 USD

This is the simple one

I like this one though, it’s logo and highmass.

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That is bargain basement isn’t it.

You can get a Gotoh for $30. I like either this or the Fender HiMass. I find hex wrenches easier to use to do setups than screwdrivers (like you get on the other bridges). These are two of my favorite bridges, the Gotoh and HiMass


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I love Gotoh! the model I really like is the titanium. It looks great.

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