Squier Vintage Modified Jazz


I have been looking for this, recommended in the gear sections of these pages, but I can’t find any in sale. Is it something that is not for sale anymore, or do I have to search it with another name? I have a ibanez bass that’s ok, but I would like to have a fender jazz bass. Kinda long time dream, and I would like to start with something more affortable…

Any ideas, on what model to get?

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I don’t believe the Squier Vintage series are in production any longer. Now they have a Classic Vibe series.

I would recommend a Squier Paranormal Jazz. It’s probably the highest quality instrument they make.

I have one, and also a Classic Vibe 70s p bass which I love, but have not played a CV Jazz so can’t compare.


How’s this one going for you now? My shipping got mucked up due to PayPal regulations so I had to cancel my order. I then got sidetracked by the Sire V9 (awesome bass). I still have the Paranormal in my sights but I don’t think I can justify it now.


Basically the same as the modified.

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I really like it. The build quality is top notch, the fit and finish superb. I like the countours of the neck, and the finish is light not too heavy. The fretboard is really nice to play, and the frets are well dressed out. If I run my hand along the side of the neck it’s all smoth and no pokey spots. I don’t even feel the frets until you get up around the 18th fret.

The pick guard is one big honking piece of metal.

I really, really, really like separate tone and volume controls for the pickups.

Now the downside - I have a hum problem. And I don’t think it’s Fender’s fault, I think it’s from swapping out the pickups.

When I first got the bass, it hummed pretty bad and I got static when I turned the tone or volume knobs. A little deoxit fixed that.

I put some copper tape in the cavity and the worst of the hum is gone. But I still have it, and it goes away when I touch the strings, so I think it’s a grounding think. Working with suport to fix that.

I love the Apollo pups by the way. They are humbuckers, so they should not be humming.

I’ve not played the Sire V7 in a bit. bottom line.


The natural finish jazz is really nice with binding on the neck. Just as heavy as the fender. Usually comes with the Duncan designed pickup. It’s the same spec as Seymour Duncan but made overseas.

If you are considering another Leo’s design then G&L JB2 tribute in lake placid blue is an awesome alternative. White binding, rock solid bridge and impressive pickups.

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Keep an eye on Reverb. That’s where I found my Vintage Modified Jazz. It’s an amazing bass that is very easy to upgrade.

Why a PA rental company in Austin felt the need to have a left-handed Jazz bass in their inventory is beyond me. Apparently they felt the same way, and let it go at a perfectly reasonable price.


Well, I did not find Squier Vintage Modified Jazz Bass in reasonably time(like, in this instant) So, I bought a 1998 Fender USA Deluxe Jazz Bass from ebay :sweat_smile:
Hopefully it will cover my Jazz Bass Feaver. Heh.