Squire Precision Mini STRINGS?

Hi! So I’m using a Squire Precision Mini and I wanted to get some strings, but there’s not a lot of information on strings that will work best for this particular bass. According to the specs on the guitar, the strings is came with are 40-95. I accidentally picked up some short scale 45-100, which I can easily return, but I wanted to figure out which is the best string to buy for this particular ultra short scale bass. TIA!

If you like flats, LaBella makes a set for the mini P. The heavier scale will have more tension, the .95 I would image could be a little loose. Short scales have less string tension in general

LaBella 760FM-P

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Thanks for the quick response! I don’t really know the difference between flats and rounds. I’m assuming the mini P came with rounds, so I’m curious what the difference is and how it will feel? Any thoughts?

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Flats and rounds are a subject all on its own (and there are threads on them alone). Rounds have a brighter sound and more high tones. Flats are “duller”, less pronounced highs and a more vintage sound. Think Motown

Rounds have ridges and can make noise as you slide your fingers across.

Flats are smooth, but stiffer and to some people they feel tacky. Which you can fix with some Finger Ease

Rounds will wear out and need changing sooner, flats last a long time and although more expensive, you may go years before needing a change

Chocolate and Vanilla. Which is better is entirely subjective

A P bass with flats is a classic sound, as is a Jazz bass with rounds