Start over or press on?

So, I have been playing for about 2 months now, and completed Module 8 a day or so ago. I really suck, and although I have seen myself progress a little, I generally can barely make it through a slow workout, with out mistakes.

I am thinking of just re-starting and beginning again at module 1, and focusing on those lessons and fundamentals longer until I get better at the slow/med work outs of each lesson.

The other option would be to press on, and finish the second half of the course, knowing my foundation is still shaky and that additional progress will probably suffer, since my foundation skills are still weak.

So wondering what other would suggest?


I say keep going and do the best you can until you get to the end. You’ll pick up many new tips and tricks along the way, and your play will improve without you even knowing it.
Then, do the whole thing over from the beginning. Things will start to click… you’ll be surprised.

Frank Sinatra implored, “Love is Lovelier, the Second Time Around”. If he were alive today, he’d sing, “B2B is Badasser, the Second Time Around”.


I think Josh’s benchmark to move on to the next lesson, was being able to nail the Slow workout. You can come back and try to do the Mediums and Fasts later. My vote would be to keep going, but maybe bookmark songs to practice as you go along, and practice them with the jam tracks, even if it slows your pace through the lessons a little.

Trust me, we all had issues with tempo, and still do!!


guess i will press on!


@method72, I would agree with both @PamPurrs and @Vik . . . if you can at least do the slow workout (even with some minor mistakes) for a lesson, then keep pressing on.

You can always go back later and start again, at any place where you feel you need improvement. I am still doing this myself, and it’s definitely helping me.

All best, Joe :slight_smile:


@method72 - Press on - Stay the course… What’s in front of you may be just what you need in order to better understand what’s behind…

Keep on Thumpin’!

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