Started out playing acoustic bass...still have two

Dean Exotica with D’Addario black tapewounds.
The older model with the Aphex System electronics…Aural Exciter and Big-Bottom Sound. More versatile than quite a few solid-body basses.


I’ve never played an acoustic bass. I really want to try one.


I still enjoy my acoustic Dean. :sunglasses::+1:

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I have been very surprised how much I love playing the Kramer Farrington. Didn’t like acoustic bass at first go (a Dean Fragonfly, too big/deep). The Kramer is thinner and fun to play and sounds great.

I decided to try pressurewounds on it and love them. Not too brittle sounding. And nice on the fingers.


I clicked on your YouTube channel @JD56hawk but couldn’t see any bass content.

Only clips of old TV shows Am I looking in the wrong place?

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The second video I posted should link to more.
It’s a pity you can’t hear the bass.

Based on the one I have (Fender CB60SCE) they are quite quiet if unamplified. Also, probably the biggest difference, is very short sustain. Again, this improves when amplified.

I have found there are some things that work better on it and some better on the electric. For example I was working on a (fairly simplified) arrangement of Pachelbel’s Canon which, I think, sounds way better on the acoustic; it gets a bit boomy on the electric (better muting might fix that some!).