Starting a New Venture

Since this topic is strictly not “Bass” related, I figured this would be the best place to post it.

I’ve decided to start a new venture in my “Musical Journey”… This one involves a new website that some of you may have already noticed through the “Post Your Covers” thread…

This new venture will be one that showcases various individual independent artists along with their their individual style of play and music on a site where they can individually or collectively collaborate with other artists and possibly create a sort of “Joint Venture” song or creation, or what ever… Thus the name "The Band Of Many Names"

Sharing music files is the key element. Some artists can play more than one instrument, and are not tied down to just one… For instance, I still love playing my guitars (and banjo, but I’m not that good at it)… @b.s.excavations Brian also plays guitar and drums,… my Navy buddy Ronnie plays Acoustic, Electric, Bass, Keyboard, Banjo, and a few others…

The vision of this venture is to incorporate pianists, vocalists, lyricists, percussionist, etc… who can all post their creations on one site and share. Who knows, maybe the next #1 hit will have started on a simple website such as this…

I LOVE playing my bass, however, those who have grown to know me understand that my true love is in “Making Music”… This for me is my next step… So glad that I’m retired and can devote my time to this effort. If it succeeds, great,… If it doesn’t… No problem… It’s all in fun, and it’s something that keeps me alive…

Please visit our new website (you may recognize one of the “Artists”)…
The Band Of Many Names. Leave comments there if you wish,… but most of all, understand and realize that if it wasn’t for @JoshFossgreen’s B2B course, this idea would never have grown into an actuality… The “Sky’s The Limit”… Keep on Growin’… That’s what @JoshFossgreen Josh wants us to do… GROW! We are HIS Legacy!

Keep on Thumpin’!


Congrats mate,
If it’s half as good as your other site it will be a beauty.
I’m gonna check it out now.


I recognize more than one of the artists :grin:

I really like the idea of bringing people together to collaborate. Good job!


@Lanny what a brilliant creation. I went and saw @b.s.excavations latest. I shall delve later.


Well done on the website @Lanny.
Have listened to Drainin Da Swamp and We Will Survive. Excellent stuff.
The website idea and its execution is inspirational, a credit to you. :+1:


Thanks @rory, @juli0r, @Jamietashi, @Mark_UK!!.. It’s fun to be able to create and share/swap music creations with other musicians.

This venture sort of reminds me of how recording studios were set up back in the days of Motown. Studios had their own cache of musicians to pull from when ever a vocal group showed up with a new song to sing.

With Covid still in the forefront, having an online warehouse of talents kinda just made sense to me - even if to just have a place to post song covers or what ever under their own name so that other people could have a listen.

With other musicians doing much the same thing within the group, collaboration can possibly take place between a couple or several artists who could share music files and create something of their own doing.

Artists would be able to play independently or with any mix of other artists - thus the “Band of Many Names” concept.

Also, it kinda helps others who have no place to go to exercise their musical skill so that they don’t get bored and end up quitting playing music all together.