Steinberger bass

Only see one post on this bass and it was a different type of question from a couple of years ago, so figured I’d ask again. Says this is a travel practice bass, and it sure wasn’t that back in the day.

So, back in the late 80’s/ early 90’s one of the trick and cool guitars was the Steinberger. Headless and small. Genesis bass player played one, as did many other bands back in the day. Just curious if anybody has any info on them today as they don’t seem to be that popular now, but I show they are still being sold and the company is owned by Gibson. XT-2DB Standard Bass (4-string)


They sound great. Just check out @Justin3 covers. My issue is balance.


A nice one is going for from $435 - abt $500. If they are as sturdy as the original ones $500 might be an OK price to have one. I imagine I could always do upgrades. I remember them saying they were easy to play and comfortable. As long as it sounds good, travels light, and it’s lighter to carry it might be OK to carry to gigs and stuff. Just worried if they’re still a good guitar. I know back in 80’s there was a pro bass shop out around Thousand Oaks, Ca that was one of the best shop that all the pro’s went to, and their flagship bass was the steinberger with Trace Elliot being the flagship of the amps.
For 400-500 dollars it might just be worth it.


Was that the one that was once near the Universal Studio before? It’s call the Bass Company? That’s a very nice shop.


From what I remember the shop was out near Thousand Oaks/Agoura/Calabasas. That does sound like the name, but it was so long ago I don’t remember for sure. Only went there once or twice and their price range was a little out of my budget.

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Looked on Reverb and the bases from back in the day are still selling for thousands, so I gather the ones they are selling today are the Squire version.