Sticky strings

My fingers are starting to stick to the strings when I move from one string to another, which creates some awful residual noises. I suspect it’s due to a buildup of oil and sweat from my fingers, and perhaps cuss words that have spewed from my mouth while practicing.
Obviously, I’m going to have to wipe them down. What does everyone recommend for string cleaning?


I’ve been using the Nomad products, @PamPurrs . . . :slight_smile:

After practice, I wipe down the strings with the cleaner and then wipe off any excess with a microfiber towel.

HTH and all best, Joe


Thanks @Jazzbass19 I just ordered on Amazon (Prime, free shipping).


I think you’ll like that cleaning kit, Pam @PamPurrs . . . pretty effective, too! :wink:

What I do is to slip a microfiber towel (the one that comes with the kit is too small so I use a larger one) between the strings and the fretboard, run the cleaning pad back and forth over the strings, and then finish up by wiping the strings off with the towel as I remove it.

Make sure you don’t let the cleaning pad go dry . . . add a few drops of the “refill” cleaner from time to time so the pad looks “yellow” (but it’s easy to oversaturate it, so be careful :grin:)

Cheers, Joe


My neck was oiled and it seems the strings cleaned during the setup in the shop.

Wanting to keep my bass this nice and clean I’m thinking about ordering it too. Price is low enough to at least try it out once.

Still… after the setup an extra set of strings and a gigbag I might check in with my girlfriend about bass gear. She’s my impulse buy blocker and I’m glad she is.