Stingray Ray34 knobs

So I recently bought a Ray34 with a 3 band EQ off the floor but because of that it doesn’t come with a manual and it’s a silly question but outside of the volume which knobs are which when it comes to bass treble and mids?



Love Ray34.

From the bottom it’s bass/ mid/ Treble. Boost and cut.

You can easily tell which one is treble. Just open it up all the way then pop the G string it should be crisps and snappy.


Thank you! Yeah I could tell treble right away, bass and mids had me pretty confused. It’s a really comfortable bass. I just felt like I couldn’t get the sounds I wanted to out of my Jazz bass

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Yeah it should fits your genres of music really well with the immediate attack and aggressive tone. I might have even commented on your post before.

I hope you like it. The biggest physical difference would be the width at the nut. They are at the opposite end of the spectrum. Jazz bass is 38mm and stingray as about 42 that’s 4 mm difference.