Stolen kit ( UK )

This is for anyone in the UK , a friend of mine sent me a message and asked me to share this morning about a theft that happened last night of over 20 guitars and amps etc … if anyone hears anything going cheap give the guys at Coventry Rehearsal rooms a shout on 07756 653880 or
Apparently , 20 + Fender Strats and a Yamaha TRBX304 bass in mist green , Hagstrom FXB-530 bass in vintage sunburst with ebony fret board , a Yamaha THR-10 amp and a Marshall amp head all were taken . . There is a picture of the Hagstrom as its quite distinctive but i haven’t worked out how to pop the pic on here but if you go to the ’ Coventry Rehearsals Rooms ’ FB page you will see it …
Sad times .
Thanks all


Will keep an eye on Marketplace. I’m in Lancashire but you never know…

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